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Content Synchronization - Video walls and menu boards canvases


signageOS provides an option for playing synchronized content across multiple (almost unlimited) devices. Content synchronization allows you to play individual videos/images/HTML while synchronizing their start time and transitions.

Sample of synchronized content on 3 displays.

Key aspects

signageOS synchronization is designed to provide

  • unified high-level JS API across all supported devices
  • real-time & low latency device-to-device communication
  • frame accurate-like precision of the synchronization
  • no need for additional server/device - synchronization based on Peer2Peer
  • dynamically adjusted latency compensation to level network latency
  • optimized native video player on each supported platform for delivering instant video start
  • suitable for both - ethernet and Wi-Fi networks

Network requirements

Peer2Peer mode is recommended for achieving the best performance:

  • UDP communication is allowed between devices on the same subnet in the local network
  • TCP communication is allowed between devices on the same subnet in the local network

Supported devices

signageOS synchronization works on all supported devices, except the following:

  • LG webOS 1
  • LG webOS 2
  • Samsung SSSP2
  • Samsung SSSP3

Synchronization can be achieved on System-on-Chip displays as well as on external media players. The best results are always while synchronizing content across the same device types.


You need to start cutting your videos into chunks in order to play the video wall content across several displays.

For each display in your synchronized group follow these steps:

  1. prepare a chunk of the original video
  2. upload/store chunks into the internal memory of the device
  3. use JS API to initiate the start of the video playback at the same moment as well as transition to another video later in the loop

Content tip

Specifically for video wall content, video chunks have to be cut properly and accommodate display bezels.

In the image below, notice how well the content flows on the video wall in the first row compared to misaligned content on the second row.

Unless you use specialty video wall displays (which we would highly recommend), your content needs to take into account ~ 49px per one bezel pair on a 43" screen.


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