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Billing - Device Plans

Once you start deploying devices you group them into Organizations. Organization is usually a device network deployed for one of your customers.

For each of your Organizations (aka your customer) you can select the best Device Plan that fits your customer.

Pricing Plans

See available Device Plans on our Pricing page.

How to select the Device Plan

You can select the Device Plan type when creating a new Organization:


Or you can set the Device Plan over the REST API:

PUT /organization/:organizationUid/subscriptionType/:subscriptionType

How to change the Device Plan

  • You can change the Device Plan via REST API or inside the Organization page in Box.
  • You can upgrade anytime to a higher Device Plan and get instantly new features
  • You can downgrade anytime to a lower Device Plan, but the change will apply from the first day of the next month

Default Device Plan

By default, each Organization is created with Device Plan Pro. You can change to the different default Device Plan in Box, under your Company profile.

  1. Sign in to Box
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Company
  3. Select the default Device Plan



You are billed at the end of the month based on the number of devices in Organizations and their respective Device Plans.

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