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CloudControl provisioning for Windows

What is CloudControl?

CloudControl is a device management-only version of signageOS. It allows for controlling and monitoring Windows PCs.


 Public preview version

This guide is in public preview. Only use in coordination with our support team and for previously defined use cases.

The official version of this guide is coming soon.

To install CloudControl for Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Download the zip package
  2. Unzip it on the PC
  3. Open PowerShell as Administrator and navigate to the previously unzipped folder
  4. Run the following command:
 .\Install-CC-SignageOS.ps1 -AutoLogin 1 -OrganizationUid xxxYYY

-AutoLogin will make sure Windows will always log in the current user.

-OrganizationUid xxxYYY auto-verify the device under the Organization you specify. Replace the xxxYYY with the Organization UID of your choice. Find the OrganizationUID on the Organization detail page.


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