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Applets overview

Applets are essential part of sOS workflow and to get your content running in your devices. If this is your first time reading about Applets or you just want to learn more about them in general, you can find more detailed information in our documentation here: Getting started with Applets

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Once you have created, tested and confirmed functionality of your Applet on an emulator, you can manage your Applets from page within your Box under section "Applets". Here you can find list of all your Applets from the organizations that you are part of.

The Applets page lets you quickly navigate, manage, edit, delete and find your Applet thanks to listed:

  • Title
  • Latest version*
  • Updated at
  • UID
  • Organization*
  • Created*
  • Type

Note: Information marked with (*) can be sorted

The Applet page allows you to use search and filter options as well as providing additional information for each Applet in your Organizations.

Notable information

  1. Search - Through search field you can easily filter out Applets based on their name, the search is case-insensitive
  2. Filter by - Filter by lets you filter out all Applets based on a specific Organization from your Company
  3. Applet readiness - You can quickly check if your applet is ready and built for testing or deployment
  4. Applet Type - Displays whether the Applet has been created through Basic or CLI - meaning through web interface in Box or through Command Line during development


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