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Web Editor for Applet in Box

Applet editor helps you to develop your Applet (HTML5 Players) that will work across all supported devices. It enables you to version your Applet, change (upgrade/downgrade) version of our Javascript API and to run your code within the Emulator. Bellow are explained all details regarding Applet Editor page.


Item Description
Identification Is used for REST API manipulation with the Applet
Editor/Builder Switch between editor and builder tabs
Emulators Create a new one or use existing Emulator to run your code in simulated display environment that supports sOS Javascript API
Applet version control Create new versions of your Applet anytime you want & switch between older versions
Applet editor
Start your development here, insert your code, pick version of our Javascript API and run your code within the Emulator




Emulators helps you to speed up the development. It opens up a new window that simulates the environment on the display.

By clicking on Create new emulator you add additional Emulator.

If you change your code, click on the Reload to force the changes to the Emulator.

Applet version control


In signageOS is everything versioned. You can create multiple versions of your Applet by clicking on the Create 1.0.1,… buttons.

The select box on the right side switches between your versions.

Applet editor


The top menu of the Editor enables you to open your code in selected Emulator AND to pick the version of our Javascript API. Each version has it’s own version of Javascript API.

The library that enclosed the Javascript API is called Front Applet. Version of the Front Applet are available under the Changelog category and are referenced from the Javascript API page.

Applet build

The Editor/Build tab switch button enables you to view the build and publish management. By clicking the build button for particular platform the signageOS cloud services will prepare the zip file with your built application. Just click the green Download application link under the platform name to download that zip file after the build finished.



Once you are done with the current development and you want to use your code in production we strongly recommend to Publish your Applet version. By publishing the version you disable any further modification of the code of currently selected version. So it makes sure anytime you push this version of your Applet into the device it will be the same.

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