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Device status

Device in Box can show three main states:

  • Online (green)
  • Pending (orange)
  • Offline (black)




Device is shown as online as long as there is a live websocket connection between the device and https://platform.signageos.io AND signageOS receives regular health check pings (every 30s) over this socket connection.


If there is no websocket connection between the device and https://platform.signageos.io.


If there is still a live websocket connection between the device and https://platform.signageos.io BUT signageOS does not receive regular health check pings in a period longer than 5 minutes.

Quick troubleshooting

To recover the device connection, you can use "Force Reconnect" function or "Backup reboot" Power Action.

Device in OPEN Device Plan

Device status of devices on OPEN Device Plan is checked randomly, usually once in 24 hours. Such devices are usually visible as "Pending" in Box due to missing health check pings.


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