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Assign Device Policy to Devices

Device Policy is only available for devices using Device Plan Pro and higher.
Device policies are applied/checked on server ~2-6 minutes. Applet changes are propagated within this interval.

Once you created a new Device Policy, you can assign it to any device.

Assign the Device Policy in Bulk


If you want to assign the Device Policy to more devices at once, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Device list
  2. Select devices you want to adjust
  3. Press Manage
  4. Select Device Policy you want to set on these devices

Devices have to be in the same Organization, otherwise, you will not be able to assign Device Policy in bulk.

Assign the Device Policy on the Device detail page


In Box navigate to Device list and select one of the devices. Once you are on device detail:

  1. Go to Settings tab
  2. Select one of the available Device Policies
  3. Click Apply

Settings that are managed and controlled by the applied Device Policy are highlighted and you can no longer adjust them.

Device Policy refresh

By default, Policies are synced with devices every 7 minutes.

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