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Box Overview

The signageOS Box is your all-in-one device management and monitoring platform (MDM) tailored for digital signage, kiosks, and POS.

You can find Box under box.signageos.io address.


Under Home, you can notice the statistics of your account along with the links to the two most important categories from our documentation. The Home page as well contains Dashboards of Network Status, Deployments, and Proof of play on your devices. 


Under Network Status you'll find information about your Company's number of displays categorized by each organization it has: 

  1. Online devices (devices that ping our system back)
  2. Offline Devices (devices that do NOT ping our system back)
  3. Pending devices (devices that are waiting to connect to the SignageOS network)




Under the tab Devices, you will find a list of all devices owned by organizations that you are a member/owner of. We have prepared a list of useful filters to make it easier for you to navigate and manage a group or individual devices. Once you find your device, you can assign its content, by adding your applet to the timing section. To manage multiple devices at once you can select each device by ticking the select box right next to the name of the device, clicking the "manage" button in up left corner then continuing to change the settings page and apply new settings. You can filter through the list of devices thanks to a wide variety of filters ranging from common ones such as:

  1. Name
  2. Status (online/offline)
  3. Assigned organization
  4. Model
  5. Firmware version
  6. Tags
  7. Policies

In addition, there are many other less common filters and optional information to display further helping with potential micromanagement if necessary.



In this subsection, you can see all of the deprovisioned devices in the last 45 days. 


Add device

Section Devices also has a subsection where you can add new devices, for this you will need a Verification hash. To see how to provision your specific device please visit: Provisioning guide

You can as well create an emulator for various testing: More information here





Device Policies

Here you can manage your organization's device policies and apply them on devices in bulk. 





List of all organizations that you are assigned to, allows you to access Organization details, access Orgazination's company, find UID, or use OAuth credentials.


If you wish to add a new organization, it can be done from this page, organizations help you separate your customers and/or devices into groups.

Alert Rules

  • Users can define alerts in one of these categories:
      • Device Alerts
      • Policy Alerts
      • Custom Alerts



This page allows you to see all organizations with devices and graphically represented data regarding status for all devices. For each organization, you can also see a detailed view where you can individually select each device or filter, group, or tag them according to your needs.


Manage important alerts in your networks.





The applet is an HTML5/Javascript application that runs within the signageOS Core App. Applet can leverage the Applet JS API for easy access to the device's native functions like saving files into internal memory and using the accelerated video playback among others. More details about Applets here





Settings allow you to adjust your settings and settings of your companies, this section also includes your API security tokens, password options, e-mail options, or you can subscribe to our Newsletter to stay informed and ahead of the curve.





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