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Device list overview

1. Devices section

Under Devices you find all devices you have access to. You can easily filter and check their settings.

2. Device Filter

Filter your devices by:

  • Name, including full-text search
  • Status, for sorting online and offline devices
  • Organization
  • Location
  • Alert
  • System stands for Tizen, webOS, Android, and others
  • Applet
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Firmware, is very useful for bulk upgrading and checking outdated devices
  • OS version
  • Tags
  • Policies
  • Available storage, with predefined scale 
  • Show emulators (YES/NO)

3. List of devices

Here comes the list of devices, showing StatusSystemNameDevice UIDOrganization and Modeland much more can be added by clicking + button.

If you click on the Device Name, you will see Device detail page.



Bulk changes

Whenever you need to change multiple device settings at once, go to Bulk action.

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