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Device tags


Tags are one of the newest features introduced for a simpler and more customizable differentiation of your devices. Here we will guide you through the entire process of creating, assigning and using your own custom, unique tags.

Create tag

Creating a tag is very simple, all you need to do are these steps:

  1. Navigate to Box
  2. Navigate to Organizations tab
  3. Select your organization under which you want to tag your devices
  4. Navigate to Tags tab
  5. Create your tag



Assigning a tag to device

Assigning to tags can be done in two ways:

  1. Single device - If you want to assign it to a single device simply assign the tag in device detail menu under Settings tab


  1. Multiple devices - In the case of multiple devices, all you need to do is choose the "Bulk changes", select the devices you wish to tag and choose which tags to use

How to use tags

Tags allow you to quickly sort relevant devices or group devices based on their tags, in case you want to display devices with a specific tag assigned, you can use a tag as a Filter parameter in device list


Similiarly, to stay better informed,  you can oversee all your tagged devices at once under Monitoring, this can be done by grouping the devices based on a shared tag



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