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Introduction to Device Policy

Device Policy is only available for devices using Device Plan Pro and higher.
Device policies are applied/checked on server ~2-6 minutes. Applet changes are propagated within this interval.

What is the Device Policy

  • Device Policy is a preset of settings and device configuration
  • Device Policy can be automatically applied during provisioning
  • Device Policy governs devices at scale ensuring all are set and configured correctly
  • Offline police governor (even without any network, the device enforces policy locally)
  • User can create alerts for a Device Policy interruption


Device Policy allows to create a set of settings (brightness, volume, timers, Core App version, etc.) and apply this set of settings to any number of devices.

Once the Device Policy is applied to the device, it's automatically enforced locally on device and also from the cloud. Any change to the Device Policy will be propagated to all devices using such policy.

Example use case

There is a network of 500 window-facing high brightness displays. According to municipality regulations, such displays have to lower the brightness during night.

You can create a new Device Policy, which includes Brightness schedule - setting brightness to 100% at 9:00 AM and lowering the brightness to 30% at 7:00 PM.

If the device brightness differs from the Device Policy settings, it's automatically corrected to the desired value. This correction works no matter the device connectivity.

By using the Device Policy, you can ensure smooth network operation with automated repair and consistent settings.

Key features 

  • Device Policy works offline, set of rules is deployed locally on the device and the device itself is governing its state
  • Device Policy works across all supported devices 
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