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Creating a new device policy

Device Policy is only available for devices using Device Plan Pro and higher.
Device policies are applied/checked on server ~2-6 minutes. Applet changes are propagated within this interval.


Adding new Policy

In Box navigate to Organize -> Device Policy and click Add Policy.

  1. Fill in a Device Policy name
  2. Select Organization under which you want use this policy



Device Policy is limited to a single Organization and cannot be moved or transferred to another Organization.

Device Universal Policies


Set of policies that are available across all devices and do not require any device-specific options.

  1. Orientation
  2. Resolution
  3. Brightness & Brightness schedule
  4. Volume
  5. Temperature threshold
  6. Remote control lock
  7. Timezone and NTP

Scheduled Actions


Scheduled actions managing the power state of the devices.

  1. Native Timers
  2. Proprietary Timers
  3. Scheduled Reboots

Device Specific

In this section, you can define device-specific options and keep a single Device Policy that works across all devices.

For each platform, you can set:

  1. Specific Core App version
  2. Specific Firmware

In case the device has a different Core App, the Device Policy will reinstall the Core App to the desired version.

Setting Samsung MagicInfo RM Server URL

For Tizen devices, you can adjust and set the MagicInfo RM Server URL. Tizen displays will set this URL and keep it set. 


In this section, you can define Applet and its configuration that will be set on the device.

Important notes:

  1. If a device doesn't have an Applet set up, it will use the Applet from its assigned Policy. If this Policy is later removed, the Applet will stay on the device to prevent any interruption in content, which is particularly useful during maintenance or certain configuration adjustments.

  2. When you replace a Policy (let's call it Policy A) that includes Applet A with a different Policy (Policy B) that includes Applet B, the device will then use Applet B.

  3. If an Applet is manually assigned to a device, it will be temporarily deactivated if there is also a Policy-assigned Applet linked to the device. Once any such Policy and its Applet are removed, the manually assigned Applet will become active again.



Important note: Device Packages are only available for ANDROID devices

If you want to install Android packages on your devices via policy navigate to Box -> Device policies

Select Packages tab as shown in the screenshot and click Install button. You will be offered a list of Packages available, for more detail you can click the plus icon to show additional information.

Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 10.52.16.png

You can also select multiple packages by selection via checkbox. Once you are happy with your list of packages click Install (this can also be done individually).

Screenshot 2024-05-06
  at 10.36.49.png

You can also remove packages - to remove package from a Device policy select the package with either a checkbox or click the trashbin icon.

Once your policy has all packages, assign the policy to your device from either Devices tab or directly in Device detail and all the packages will be installed and launched.

History Log

The history log keeps the complete history of any change made to the Device Policy, including information on how such change occurred. It provides you with a previous->next value overview.



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