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Test Organization in Box

By default, every Company account in Box has one Organization created at the initial signup. This Organization is marked as TEST and its Device Plan is set as 3.0 - the "all-inclusive" plan.

Why do I need TEST Organization?

You can use the TEST Organization for a couple of different reasons:

  • To be able to quickly develop, test, iterate, and validate the fit for using signageOS
  • To test the benefits of the 3.0 Device Plan
  • To run small PoC for your End-Customers free of charge
  • To explore Cloud-based device management offering
  • To have fun with signageOS technology

Are the devices billed? 

The Organization and all devices you add to this Organization are Free of Charge, despite the fact they are running the highest Device Plan 3.0.

How many devices can I add to the TEST Organization

By default, TEST Organization allows you to add up to 10 devices free of charge for non-production usage. No SLA applies to devices in the TEST Organization.

How many TEST Organizations can I have

By default, only one single TEST Organization is allowed under your Company account. If you need for any reason more of them, please contact us.

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