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What is Organization

Organizations is a feature that helps you with organizing devices into the groups based on your end-customers.

Basic usage of the Organizations

  • As a CMS company you have multiple end-customers. In order to easily identify devices of your customers in the signageOS environment we created Organizations.
  • Each Organization is a group of devices that belong to the same end-customer.
  • Because each Organization has its own API credentials you have better control over the security and the device access.
  • You can create Organizations over the REST API or within the Box.
  • You can assign your account, but only with the administration access level, to any Organization via Accounts tab on the Box signageOS platform




Key information

  • each Device can be only in one Organization
  • any Applet can be used by any of your Organizations
  • if you are adding organization through REST API note that the default Device Plan is set to 3.0, this can be changed from Company profile in signageOS Box
  • each Organization has its own API tokens for security reasons
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