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What is Organization

Organization is a feature that helps you with organizing devices into groups based on your end-customers.

Basic usage of the Organizations

  • As a CMS company you have multiple end-customers. In order to easily identify the devices of your customers in the signageOS environment we created Organizations.
  • Each Organization is a group of devices that belong to the same end customer.
  • Because each Organization has its own API credentials you have better control over the security and the device access.
  • You can create Organizations over the REST API or within the Box

Key information

  • each Device can be only in one Organization
  • any Applet can be used by any of your Organizations
  • if you are adding organization through REST API note that the default Device Plan is set to 3.0, this can be changed from the Company profile in signageOS Box
  • each Organization has its own API tokens for security reasons

Organization UID

  • Organization UID is a unique identifier of your Organization and can be used for automation of CloudControl provisioning
  • Find it in Box -> Organizations -> Organization detail page

Custom logo

Organizations as well as Companies can have custom logos. It helps with general management and adds nice branding to your account.

Logo dimensions have to be 50x50 px.

How to add a custom logo to an Organization

You need to be in the Organization manager role to be able to upload the logo.

  1. Go to Organizations list
  2. Select one of the Organization
  3. Upload and save logo

How to add a custom logo to a Company

You need to be in the Company owner role to be able to upload the logo.

  1. Go to Company settings
  2. Upload and save logo


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