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How to assign Applet to the device via Timings


  • Understanding of Applet and Timing
  • Having at least one provisioned device



Assign Applet to the device with Box

1.Log in to the Box, navigate to Devices and select the device you want to use.


2. Navigate to the Content tab in the device details.


3.Click the Create new timing button.


4.The Timing editor will appear.


5. Select your Applet and its version.


Press Save & that’s it. Applet will be deployed to the device.


Advanced fields - Timing configuration

To add additional Timing configuration. You can pass specific data, URL or anything else that your Applet can use later on for content playback. This configuration can be used through javascript sos.config.KEY. Do not forget to press the (+) to confirm the config row.


Advanced fields - Timing Start and End date

Set the validity interval
The Applet will be available on the device within this time period.

If Timing expires and you do not have any newer/non-expired Timing on the device, the latest expired Timing will remain on the device to ensure the device always has at least one active Applet and is able to play your content.

In order to display the applet content you need to set the Timing Start Date to the earlier date than the Timing End Date e.g. a year back.


How to deploy Applet over REST API

For deployment over REST API use the Timing API endpoint. Via this endpoint, you can assign desired Applet version and configuration.

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