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Packages for Cloud Control Overview

What is Cloud Control

Cloud Control is a device management solution / MDM designed for unmanned remote management of large networks.

What is Cloud Control Client

Cloud Control Client is a device-specific background agent/service running on the managed devices providing you with management functionality and allowing you to install Packages.

What is Package 

Package is a group of Android APK or Linux Docker container versions that can be deployed to the managed device.

A good example of a Package is something like "Menuboard application".

Each Package includes Package Versions which is a specific version of the Package based on platform and architecture.

A Package Version of the example "Menuboard application" might be Android APK 1.0.0 and RaspberryPi Docker container 2.5.4.

In real-life you might end up with a Package and list of Package Version that you are using:

Package Package version Platform / Architecture
Menuboard application Menuboard v1.0.0 Android / armv7
Menuboard v1.1.0 Android / armv7
Menuboard v1.2.0 Android / armv7
Menuboard v1.0.0 RaspberryPi / armhf


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