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Hello World - Setup Developer Environment

Start your development easily, locally, and with your preferred IDE. Install signageOS CLI Tool, develop your Applet (HTML5 player), and deploy the first devices.

Getting set up

You need the following stack to get started with your development:

TIP: Windows Terminal and Cmder allows open more than one console window which can be helpful in the daily development work.

Start with signageOS CLI

signageOS CLI is a command-line tool for rapid local development that brings you the ability to easily start developing on top of the signageOS framework from your favorite IDE.



Install the CLI

npm install @signageos/cli -g
sos --help

The full documentation can be found on the signageOS Github.

Once installed, you can use sos --help for quick help within the CLI.

Log in using the CLI

signageOS CLI uses the same credentials you use in Box.

sos login


Set default Organization

In order to continue, it's necessary to set your default Organization. If you have none, (create one inside Box here. Then continue with the following command:

sos organization set-default

Create your first Applet boilerplate

Applet includes your application code along with the signageOS JS API and creates a standardized environment for your code to run on numerous devices.

Create your Applet boilerplate project with the interactive wizard:

sos applet generate

Once Applet project is successfully created, switch to the project folder and start the project via npm start.

Applet <name of the applet> created!
use: cd <name of the applet> and npm start
cd 'your-applet-name'
npm start

Your project is now successfully created and running on http://localhost:8090. Open the URL in your browser (preferably Chrome) and start your coding.




If you created your Applet in the Box before using the CLI, use the Applet UID from Box to replace the one in your package.json file.

// package.json
"sos": {
    "appletUid": "Applet UID from Box"

Next steps

NEXT: Deploy your applet

Continue here

DEV: Send Applet to the device directly from CLI

Continue here


Will local development be possible? I do not like the web IDE.

Yes, you will be able to use VSCode or Webstorm for local development thanks to signageOS CLI.

Is the Emulator working offline?

Yes, Emulator supports offline mode and comes with built-in features for debugging and quick Applet development.

Code: 51501 - InternalVideoError: Couldn't play the video.

If you are getting this error in the Emulator it means that your Chrome is blocking the video playback. Kindly read more here: Emulator Limitations in CLI and Box. The quick fix is to click into the window and then refresh the page (F5).



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