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HTML5 video tag limitations

The easiest way to play video in web-based environment is to use HTML5 video tag. Unfortunately it’s not widely supported across all devices due to the performance limitations of SoC as well as limited amount of borwser-supported video formats.

The Error

Sometimes we experience issues in long-time playback (video quality degradation after 2 hours), some devices do not allow to have more than 1 video tag at a time in the code and some devices do not allow to play video via HTML5 video tag at all.

How to resolve it

To overcome this obstacle we created sos.video.play() function which is an abstraction over the native video players on each and every supported device. If you want to be sure that the video will work on each supported device, please follow the JS API documentation and implement mentioned function.

If you decide to use HTML5 video, please note the limitations below. 

Where you can use HTML5 video tag:


Platform Limitations
Tizen 2.4 - SSSP4
  • Only 1 video playback at a time
  • Max video resolution FullHD
  • Max framerate 30
webOS 3.0+
  • Only 1 video playback at a time
  • Max video resolution FullHD
  • Video has to fit into the screen
Philips P-line, Sharp, BenQ On the latest version of the displays with android 5+ can be used HTML5 video tag
Raspberry Pi

DO NOT USE HTML5 video tag on the RPi3 as it's highly unstable due to the lack of performance

On RPi4 it can be used for 1 video, but the maximum supported resolution is HD 

Philips BDL4550D Due to HW limitations, it is possible only to playback 1 video at a time with a maximum resolution of FullHD.
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