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Samsung Tizen Debug

Supported models
Native debugging works only on Tizen 3.0 and newer (SSSP5 and above). On Tizen 2.4 (PMF/PMH models, SSSP4) is this feature not present.

Step by Step Guide

In order to debug the Samsung Tizen device follow these steps:

  1. On Display install signageOS application (provision Tizen display)
  2. In Url Launcher settings enable Developer mode - Local
  3. Tizen device will reboot
  4. Launch the URL Launcher App. A Picture in Picture of the app should show up on the displaytizen-pip-local-debug.png
  5. Press HOME and in Developer menu select Developer mode - Remote
  6. Insert YOUR PC IP address
  7. Tizen device will reboot
  8. Launch the URL Launcher application - you should see the following dialog windowtizen-debug-success.jpg
  9. Access the console from your chrome (preferable older one) on http://IP-OF-THE-TIZEN-DEVICE:7011
  10. Confirm by OK dialog on the Tizen
  11. URL Launcher App will reboot
  12. Refresh your chrome on http://IP-OF-THE-TIZEN-DEVICE:7011
  13. Now you got access to the console

If you reboot the display, you have to re-do the steps.

Cannot connect to the display?
Install older Chromium version - some older version are available here.

Video on how the process looks like on the Tizen display

If you are not allowed to open native debug URL in the latest Chrome, launch the Chrome with the following command/flag chromium-browser --enable-blink-features=ShadowDOMV0,CustomElementsV0


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