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🚀 Integration Guide


The Integration Guide provides you with a list of areas and steps that need to be achieved to reach the complete signageOS integration.

You can go the way of selecting just part of the signageOS tools, API, and solutions or aim for the complete integration which comes with the highest benefits.

Each section below encompasses a certain area of digital signage workflow. From building the client application (Applet), provisioning process of the new devices to the device management tools and billing. 

I. Basics

  1. Understand the signageOS Architecture
  2. Supported devices

II. Building client/player application - the Applet

Build from scratch

  1. Applet basics
  2. Hello World - signageOS CLI for Applet development
  3. Already have an App? Use existing HTML5 application with signageOS
  4. JS SDK
    1. Basic concepts and methods
    2. ES5 for backward compatibility
    3. Adding Applet resources
    4. Video playback API
    5. Offline cache for media files and the File system API
    6. Offline cache for data for saving data, keys, and values
    7. Device management API
  5. Example Applets and code snippets or GitHub

Use existing player

  1. Open-sourced signageOS SMIL-based player
  2. Link to signageOS SMIL Player on GitHub

III. How to add new device - Provisioning process

  1. Provisioning Overview
  2. How to provision the devices with signageOS Box
  3. How to provision the devices with REST API

DevSpace Specific topics

  1. Applet Deployment Options [GUIDE]
  2. Build & Deploy Your Applet Via Core App with built-in Applet

IV. Remote device management

  1. Understanding the signageOS Box
  2. Introduction to the REST API

V. How to manage subscriptions and billing plans

  1. Device plans management in Box and REST API

VI. Cloud, compliance, security

  1. signageOS Trust portal and SOC 2 Type II
  2. signageOS Cloud overview

VII. Support

  1. signageOS Change log
  2. How to submit ticket and contact signageOS Support team
  3. Severity Levels and Request Types
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