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OSD menu by signageOS

To make provisioning, deployments and even a development more straight forward, signageOS builds the OSD menu (On Screen Display).

signageOS OSD allows you on any supported device:

  • configure LAN network connection
  • connect the device to the WiFi network
  • install signageOS Core App with built-in Applet

How to access the OSD

To access the OSD menu follow these steps: 

  1. Try with remote control or in case the device doesn't contain it, plug the keyboard to the display or device
  2. find the PIN - either on the display in the bottom right corner or in Box


  3. Press the PIN on the keyboard  or remote followed by ENTER
  4. OSD menu will show up

OSD navigation

Navigate through the menu by using ARROW keys, confirm the option by pressing ENTER, to exit the editing press ESC.keyboard.png

OSD options

In OSD menu you can set various device settings, based on the device options including:

  • LAN network connection
  • WiFi network connection
  • installing new version of built signageOS Core App with built-in Applet
  • adjust time, date and timezone
  • set brightness
  • run the connection and speed test of the network
  • check system information




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