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Android Players Provisioning

General information

Keep the following information in mind:

  • Every manufacturer has a different approach to access device-specific functions, like device reboot.
  • Device management features may differ based on the Android version.
  • To guarantee compatibility, we prefer to test the exact device in our Lab prior to production deployment.
  • The generic non-signed application can run on any Android 4.4 and newer, but there might be limitations on device management functionality.

Is your device running Android 7+ and has a camera? Follow this guide for 6-Tap provisioning.


Each app generates a stable unique ID for the device. By default, the unique ID is generated from Wi-Fi MAC address. Obtaining the MAC address on Android requires the following conditions to be met:

  1. Wi-Fi needs to be enabled, at least when signageOS is first started 
  2. Devices running Android 7+ must set signageOS app as Device Owner (see further)

signageOS' app will inform you if any of these conditions are not met.



  1. Open Browser on the Android device
  2. Go to https://a.signageos.io
  3. Download the signageOS Android APK
  4. Open the downloaded APK and follow the installation guide
  5. Once installed, open the signageOS App
  6. Register with verification code

Special Requirements

Most device management features require a system signature for privileged access to system API. Generic signageOS app cannot use the system API. Instead, some of these features are exposed through Manufacturer SDK or Device Owner API. All alternative options for each affected feature are listed below:

Feature Requirement
Screenshot including video snapshot - Rooted device OR Manufacturer SDK
Reboot - Rooted device OR Manufacturer SDK OR Android 7+ with signageOS as Device Owner
Lock device (turn screen off) - Rooted device OR Manufacturer SDK OR signageOS Device Admin activated (Device Admin is activated automatically when the signageOS app is set as Device Owner.)
Kiosk mode (pinned screen) - Android 6+ with signageOS as Device Owner
Setting Time Zone - Up to Android 7.1 (API 25) without additional requirements OR Rooted device OR Android 8+ only with System Signature
Silent app upgrade - Rooted device OR Manufacturer SDK OR Android 6+ with signageOS as Device Owner

In case you would like to have complete device management options, we have to let the manufacturer sign our application.

Attention Required: In order to prevent Android from displaying Android homepage and thus not showing your content, you must Enable Kiosk Mode (or Lock Remote Control) either through Box device settings or through API.

Always set the Remote Control Lock to enable via REST API or in Box on the device detail's Settings tab.

Notice for Android 6+

Android 6+ requires few extra steps for full functionality

  1. Navigate to System > Apps > signageOSandroid_6_2.png
  2. Open Modify system settings optionandroid_6_3.png
  3. Enable the optionandroid_6_1.png

[Unsupported device] - How to make your Android device supported

In many cases, you might get Unsupported device messages after you install the signageOS Core App or Cloud Control App on your device.

To make your device supported, please follow this guide.



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