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Video in background


Native video playback in background was successfully implemented on LG webOS, Samsung Tizen, BrightSign, Windows, and Android. Raspberry Pi can use HD via HTML4 video tag.


Current signageOS applications do not allow to play video in a background. It’s mainly because of the limitation on the native video players side.

On selected platforms is possible to play video in background via html5 video tag. But it comes with limitations:

  • only one video can be played anytime on the screen
  • there has to be just one HTML5 video tag at a time

With these limitations in mind you can use video background on these platforms:

  • LG webOS 3+
  • Tizen 2.4, Tizen 3.0 (SSSP4, SSSP5)
  • BrightSign

We work hard to bring this feature to all devices. 


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