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Firmware upgrade on Android devices through OTA

Below is a legacy documentation for Android Core App versions v2.x.x

Update Firmware via REST API or Box similar to other devices. The version of the FW is listed on the supported devices page for respective manufacturer.

Step 1

  • Install OTA Installer package, where it is needed


    "packageName": "io.signageos.android.ota",
    "version": "abc", 
    "build": "xxx" 
Manufacturer Version for REST API
BenQ: "build":"benq","version":"1.4.1"
Philips 10" Tablet: "build":"philips-10","version":"1.4.0"
Philips D-Line: "build":"philips-dl","version":"1.4.0"
Philips P-Line: "build":"philips-pl","version":"1.4.0"
Philips Q-Line: Not supported yet

Step 2

  • Install the firmware


	"version": "xxx"
Manufacturer Version for REST API
BenQ SL490: SL490_WW_FB01.08
BenQ SL550: SL550_WW_FB01.08
Philips 10" Tablet: FB03.05
Philips D-Line: FB10.04
Philips P-Line: FB06.01
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