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Unsupported device - Android Demo Mode

We are asked a lot to support a variety of different Android devices. As we strive to always provide full-featured support with a complete device management package things are rather complicated on unknown Android devices. For that purpose, we introduced "Unsupported device mode" in order to warn our partners and their customers.

How does it look on device?

Below is a screenshot of the modal window shown on unsupported device, once you click Continue anyway, Core App will install as usual.


When is the Unsupported device mode triggered?

The device needs to correctly report its brand, model number, and serial number
Without these values, it's impossible to determine the device type and use the proper APIs for device management and brand-specific implementations.

Do you need to get preliminary support for your Unsupported Android device? Follow this guide.

Below is a legacy guide which is no longer applicable since Android Core app v3.17.0:

How to disable the Demo watermark on an Android device

Steps to disable the "Demo" mode


  1. First, the device needs to be factory reset. Then It will report itself as a different device.
  2. The latest published application for Android should run on an unsupported device.


  1. Launch the android application on your device
  2. The next step is to enable the 'Demo' mode when there will be such information displayed.
  3. After that, there should be, in the launcher, the Hide Demo Watermark icon (dark blue rectangle with white-ish "Demo" text with a yellow stripe over it).
  4. The icon should be clicked and the notice accepted.
  5. After these all steps, in the signageOS application, the watermark should be removed.
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