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Add new device using REST API


The verification process within signageOS is straight forward. Once you install signageOS App on any device it automatically generates a Verification Hash. To integrate the verification process into your CMS, you use verification API endpoint.

POST https://api.signageos.io/v1/device/verification

Standard verification process

  1. Install the signageOS Core App onto any supported device
  2. signageOS Core App will connect to the cloud and generate unique verification hashverification_hash.png
  3. Create a field in your CMS that will allow user to fill in the verification hash
  4. Use signageOS REST API to verify the device via the verification API endpoint
  5. As a response you will get "OK" and in Headers a Location link to the newly verified device details


  6. save the deviceUid for later as this is the UID you will use for the REST API calls
  7. Use Timing REST API to set your previously developed Applet

Done - now you have your display added to your CMS and running your Applet.

How to test

To be able to test this process without physical device, you can access our Emulator in incognito window at: https://2.signageos.io/app/default/7.9.0/index.html

TIP: If there is a new version of the Emulator, replace the 7.9.0 by the new version to get all patches, fixes and new features.

It will open up the new Emulator and generate the Verification Hash. With this Emulator you can easily test the deprovisioning API as well.

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