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Here at signageOS, we strive to provide you with a smooth and trouble-free experience with our services. To further improve your interaction with us and the entire onboarding process from provisioning and applet deployment to troubleshooting in specific technical detail, we have made it possible for you to easily contact our support team. Our team of knowledgeable digital signage experts can help you overcome any technical problem that may arise during your use of signageOS technology. We understand that each issue is highly unique and we reflect that in our problem-solving approach.

In order for us to assist you to the highest degree, we need your help to identify the issue. We believe that a proper two-way communication and cooperation is the best way to resolve an issue. To ensure the fastest resolution time possible, here are some identifying items or points you can provide us with that will minimize the time needed to arrive at a solution.


Often many questions or issues can be solved by thoroughly reading our continually updated documentation where we cover all functionality of signageOS.

Before contacting support, look through signageOS Documentation

In case you cannot find relevant answers or you need to report a ticket by clicking a SUPPORT button in Box:

  1. Make sure to include all relevant information to your problem

  2. Make Ticket Title as specific as possible

  3. Always provide specific signageOS UID in plain-text form while requesting help for:

    • Device (Device UID) Create_ticket.png

    • Applet (Applet UID) If it's a developer matter), add Affected applet UID (in plain-text form)mceclip0.png

    • Organization (Organization UID)organization-uid.png

  4. Add Issue stage - Production or Development

  5. If you are experiencing some unexpected behavior, please list the steps to reproduce this behavior

  6. If applicable, provide device debug logs (weinre applet debug on the device detail page, ADB for android see here)

  7. Any additional information you deem relevant or important

    • how are devices connected (ethernet, wifi, mobile network)
    • what are the exact error messages
    • what is visible on the display
  8. Expected/desired behaviour or target state

Sample ticketticket-request.png

Any ticket submitted by email - support@signageos.io - will get lower priority over tickets reported via signageOS Docs Support section

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