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Open vs. Cloud-connected

signageOS has two ways how to use the unification technology and leverage years of development for SoC and media players. It consists of the signageOS Open and Cloud-connected Platform.

  signageOS Open Cloud-connected Platform
Basics Best for smaller companies and companies that insist on building everything from scratch. Best for companies serving larger customers where out-of-box features like device management, provisioning workflows, support, SLA, full-featured device management console, and other benefits are cutting costs, time to market, and long-term maintenance.
Supported devices All 36+ platforms All 36+ platforms
the possibility to onboard custom device
Development Desktop-based CLI and SDK Desktop-based CLI and SDK
Cloud-based versioning, API-driven deployment
Device Provisioning/Deployment Manual via the native application with your built-in custom HTML5+JS application Cloud-based with the cloud-based deployment of your application or custom.
Device management Only as an JS SDK on the client-side, do you need to build your own management UI and communication Client-side via JS SDK
Server-side via unified REST API
Out-of-box device management console
Support Documentation and Knowledge base Documentation and Knowledge base
Ticketing system for private requests
Dev calls
Onboarding sessions
Price Free forever SaaS, Multiple subscription options


Do the apps work offline? Yes, everything is designed to be offline-first

Can I mix both approaches Yes, you can mix the solutions to create something that fits your case the best.

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