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Updating applets in signageOS Open

This process is mandatory only for any device running on free Device Plan Open;



  • Your Applet was built
  • You generated Core App from Applet detail in Box
  • You have installed the Core App with built-in Applet to selected device

Options for updating Applet on devices under signageOS Open

  1. Using Javascript API
  2. Manual

1. Using Javascript API

To update the Core App with built-in Applet use the following JS API:

await sos.management.app.upgrade('https://cdn.your-cms.com/rpi/linux_xxx.zip');

Installing the right Core App

Because every platform is different, you need to always check:

  1. on which platform (Tizen, webOS, Android,...) your Applet is running
  2. which specific version of the platform you are on (RPi 3, RPi 4, Benq, Philips, ...)

The best way is to use sos.management.app.getType() in combination with sos.management.firmware.getVersion().

const appType = await sos.management.app.getType(); // Returns ex. linux
const firmwareVersion = await sos.management.firmware.getVersion(); // Returns ex. rpi4

switch(appType) {
    case 'tizen':
        await sos.management.app.upgrade('https://cdn.your-cms.com/tizen/landscape');
    case 'linux':
        if(firmwareVersion === 'rpi4') {
            await sos.management.app.upgrade('https://cdn.your-cms.com/rpi4/linux_xxx.zip');
        if(firmwareVersion === 'rpi3') {
            await sos.management.app.upgrade('https://cdn.your-cms.com/rpi/linux_xxx.zip');
    // any other platform...


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