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Factory Reset on WebOS


This tutorial is only for experienced users that are familiar with WebOS displays and are allowed to perform factory reset. You perform any steps on your own risk without any guarantee.

In an unlikely event when you need to perform Factory reset on the device, please follow the steps below.

Webos 3, 2

  1. Turn on the display
  2. On remote controll hold "Settings" (alt. cogwheel icon) until a grey square appears in top right corner
  3. Press sequence of "0000" followed by pressing "OK"
  4. Access "Signage setup" menu item
  5. Scroll to the bottom of list
  6. Select "Factory reset"
  7. Confirm your selection

Webos 4, 3.2

  1. Turn on the display
  2. Hold the "Settings" (alt. cogwheel icon) until you are prompted to input code
  3. Input your code, by default all zeroes
  4. Once you access settings menu choose the last option "Admin"
  5. Enable the admin options
  6. Insert code again
  7. Select "Factory reset"
  8. Confirm your selection 
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