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Multiple videos played at once

This limitation was already resolved. You can play at least 2 videos as a same time on all of supported devices, except:

  • webOS 1
  • webOS 2
  • SSSP 2
  • SSSP 3
  • Brightsign LS

To play multiple videos at once is currently not possible. You can specify width, height and position of the video on screen but signageOS currently do not allow you to play more than one video at a time.

We work with device manufacturers to handle this limitation, but for overall compatibility we have to force playback to just one video. 

Updates on this limitation:

Date Platform Update
Feb 1st 2018 Android We updated our Android app so since today you can play up to 4 videos at the same time on supported Android devices.
Feb 15th 2018 LG webOS Version >82 of signageOS webOS App supports 2 videos at a time.
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