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NEC MediaPlayer Revert Process

To be compliant with the NEC MediaPlayer CMS partner section, you must implement the MediaPlayer revert process. If a customer does not want to use your CMS anymore, you must give them an option to revert back to the NEC Media Player.

This is required only if your CMS operates on the Compute Module 3 or 4 within an NEC display.

There are two ways to revert back to the NEC MediaPlayer from your CMS. Follow the guide based on your CMS type.

CMS companies using signageOS image and Applet

Run this javascript code in the event the end-user no longer wants to use your CMS:

const monitor = await sos.monitors.getList();

    "manufacturer": "NEC",

    "model": "something",

    // other details



if (monitor.manufacturer === "NEC") {
	await sos.management.firmware.upgrade('https://mpota.necdisplay.com/sos-netboot-rpi.img.zip');

For standalone CMS not using signageOS

You will need the file sos_netboot.tar.gz that you can download here.

Follow these steps:

  1. Delete everything from the /boot partition
  2. Extract sos_netboot.tar.gz into boot partition, i.e. tar -xzf sos_netboot.tar.gz -C /boot
  3. Reboot

The system will take some time to download and flash the full image from the internet. During this process, the device will reboot multiple times. In the current version, no progress will be displayed on the screen, but the process is under completion. This process will take approximately 5 minutes.

sos_netboot.tar.gz is only 55 MB, and it provides as much fail-safe procedure of the flashing as possible. If there is any interruption during the process, the system will boot up again to the netboot and start the procedure again until completion.



We strongly advise that you do not immediately download sos_netboot.tar.gz, and ship it as a part of your system. Download sos_netboot.tar.gz only when it is needed. In the event of a new version release, the new version would be made available under the same URL address, and your system will always download the latest version. 


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