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signageOS Core App, Versions and Release Policy

What is signageOS Core App

signageOS Core Apps are:

  • device-specific native applications and integrations crafted for each platform (Tizen, webOS, Android, BrightSign, RaspberryPi, and others)
  • provide you with the standardized environment for your Applet runtime and playback
  • connect the device to signageOS Cloud and allow for remote device management, monitoring, and troubleshooting


  • each Core App is versioned with a proper Changelog log and references the latest development, fixes and patches applied
  • you can install any version of the signageOS Core App at any time
  • upgrade or downgrade of the Core App is available on the majority of supported platforms (except Android-based devices which only support upgrades)

Below you can find 3 types of versions that are made available:


Production version

Production versions are using plain semver version number - aka 2.4.1. They are released on a quarterly basis and are going through the complete QA cycle.

The production version is the best choice while deploying any of the supported devices.


Release Candidate version (RC)

Release Candidate versions are using semver version with an RC tag- aka 2.5.0-rc.2. They are released prior to the production version, usually a month ahead.

Release Candidate versions are going through the streamlined QA cycle, including aging tests.

Release Candidate version of the Core App is the latest tested version that is stable, but on hold to be Released/Production due to any of the following reason:

  • application awaits for FW bug fix to pass all tests
  • application is under aging tests
  • application was created to support new platform version (eg. latest Tizen, latest webOS, ...) and the testing is in progress

Release Candidate versions includes also a short note in Box regarding the purpose of the version and features or limitations.


Beta version

Beta versions are using semver version with a beta tag- aka 3.0.0-beta.2. They are released as soon as a new feature is developed or a new device is onboarded.

The Beta version is going only through automated QA and feature tests. The Beta version is released to demonstrate new capability and to allow anyone to start testing and providing feedback.



  • we release updates and patches for the signageOS Core Apps regularly, but you are in charge when the update gets deployed on the device
  • signageOS never updates your devices, you have complete control over versions and update deploy cycle
  • updates can be performed via the REST API or in the Box

Released Schedule

Production versions of Core Apps are released on a quarterly basis:

Release Target release window
Winter release February
Spring release May
Summer release August
Autumn release November


Release Candidate versions are made available ¬month ahead of the Production release.

Beta versions are made available at the time a new feature is developed, usually on a monthly basis or even sooner.


How are signageOS Core Apps tested?

In order to provide the best and most stable Core Apps dozens of tests are applied. Prior to any release signageOS team applies the following testing process:

  1. The Core App code is covered with Unit tests which have to pass
  2. The Integration tests for JS APIs and Cloud communication have to pass
  3. The Automated Applet tests (similar to Selenium) for content-related features have to pass
  4. The Core App has to pass stress test with unexpected usage of API and content
  5. The Core App has to pass aging test to prevent memory leaks
  6. The new Core App version is released

In total, signageOS performs over 180 tests prior to a single Core App release.

How to update Core App

Update via Box

  1. Open device detail
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab
  3. Click and select the Core App version you want to install
  4. Select Install


Update via REST API

  1. Use the following REST API Endpoint - Update Core App Version
  2. In body use version of the desired Core App

Update via JS API

  1. Build a new version of your Applet for the desired platform
  2. Upload the version to your server
  3. Implement JS API for App Upgrade
  4. Distribute your update


List of CoreApp Version

Brand Operating System Website
Samsung Tizen https://t.signageos.io
Samsung SSSP https://s.signageos.io
LG webOS https://w.signageos.io
BrightSign BrightOS https://b.signageos.io
Bluefin BrightOS https://b.signageos.io
Philips Android



Giada Android



  Android https://a.signageos.io https://cc.signageos.io/android
Hisense Android https://a.signageos.io https://cc.signageos.io/android
Yiayama Android https://a.signageos.io https://cc.signageos.io/android
BenQ Android https://a.signageos.io https://cc.signageos.io/android
Panasonic Android https://a.signageos.io/panasonic https://cc.signageos.io/android
Sharp Android https://a.signageos.io/sharp https://cc.signageos.io/android
Lenovo Android https://a.signageos.io/lenovo https://cc.signageos.io/android
Elo Android https://a.signageos.io/elo https://cc.signageos.io/android
NEC signageOS https://o.signageos.io
  Windows https://win.signageos.io
RaspberryPi signageOS https://o.signageos.io
  Linux https://linux-package-repository.signageos.io
Sony Android TV




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