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Firmware Requirements and Upgrade Options

All SoC devices sometimes struggle with firmware releases. To ensure your devices are running on the best possible Firmware we put together a list of devices and supported/tested firmware.

Each Firmware manufacturer releases signageOS tests in several ways:

  • video playback performance in portrait/landscape
  • device management API support
  • application management support
  • aging test for long playback

Always make sure your devices are always running supported Firmware, otherwise, we are not able to guarantee that all features will work properly.

List of supported Firmware

For each manufacturer, we gather a list of firmware that can be used and is tested. Refer to the Supported devices section for the respective manufacturer.

General recommendations

LG Firmware Recommendation 

The general recommendation for LG displays is to use the latest Firmware. In case you do not have access to the Firmware repository from LG, contact us directly. We can upgrade the Firmware remotely.

Samsung Tizen Firmware Recommendation

Always use strictly the Firmware we recommend. Otherwise, your devices might behave unexpectedly.

You should always have at least the minimum version we state on the Tizen Supported Devices page.

BrightSign Firmware Recommendation

With BrightSign, the general recommendation is to keep the FW as recent as possible. Specifically for Series 5.

How to upgrade Firmware

You have two options when it comes to upgrading device Firmware:

  1. Remote firmware upgrade via Box or REST API
  2. Local manual firmware upgrade via USB drive


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