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Benchmark Results and Supported Playback Modes on Supported Device

he most common question is always - is this display suitable for my content? Below is comparison table for major content functions per platform.

Results are based on the signageOS Benchmarks. You can review testing Applets within our public Applet Examples on GitHub.

Features Groups Description

Feature Group Name Feature Group Description
01 Fullscreen playback The fullscreen video playback of FullHD and UHD videos in both orientations - landscape and portrait.
02 Two playlists playback Video playback of 2 simultaneous playlists, each consists of 5 unique videos playing in the infinite loop.
03 Two videos playback with overlap 2 Playlists + overlap is testing specific video playback when videos are overlapping. It's playing one fullscreen video and one more video positioned on top of the fullscreen video, placed in the bottom right corner.
04 Multiple videos Multiple videos pushes performance of the device by playing multiple unique (3 to 4) FullHD videos at once.
05 Picture in Picture - PiP PiP is testing the ability to show Picture in Picture within the screen. Sources for PiP are HDMI and DisplayPort.
06 Video Streaming Stream is playing fullscreen video stream in various formats including UDP, RTP, HLS and HTTP.
07 Mixed content Mixed content is focused on playback performance combining dynamic HTML5 content with videos, streams, PiP and combinations of each.
08 Video + HTML5 overlay Overlay is testing HTML5 dynamic content overlay over FullHD or UDH video playlists.
09 Playback synchronization Sync was designed to validate frame accurate content synchronization in various setups of 1x2, 2x2 1x3 video walls.
10 Moving videos Moving videos is playing 5 videos, one at a time, always on a different position on the screen. As the videos are played on different positions, tests are examining the transitions, speed of the position swap and other aspects.

Comparison table

Feature SSSP 2 / SSSP 3 SSSP 4 SSSP 5 SSSP 6 SSSP 7 webOS 1 webOS 2 webOS 3.x webOS 4.x BrightSign XT
Fullscreen playback         -          
Fullscreen gapless playback N/A       - N/A N/A  
currently fatal FW issue
Two playlists playback N/A N/A     - N/A N/A N/A    
Two videos playback with overlap N/A N/A N/A N/A - N/A N/A      
Multiple videos N/A N/A
HTML5 tag needed, not in FHD

HTML5 tag needed, not in FHD
- N/A N/A N/A   N/A
Picture in Picture - PiP
not 100% sharp
Video Streaming         -          
Mixed content         -          
Video + HTML5 overlay         - N/A N/A      
Playback synchronization
limited performance
      - N/A N/A      
Moving videos N/A       - N/A        

Major known limitations 

Platform Limitation Notes
SSSP 5-6 Multiple videos playback To play multiple videos flawlessly, you have to use HTML5 video tag and as low resolution as possible.
webOS 3.x Blurry portrait playback If you play video in native portrait 1080x1920 resolution, it's blurry/not sharp. The resolution is degraded. It!s platform limitation
webOS 4.x Blurry portrait UHD playback If you play video in native portrait UHD resolution, it's blurry/not sharp. The resolution is degraded. It!s platform limitation
BrightSign XT Portrait playback BrightSign cannot play UHD native portrait videos, nor play streams or PiP in portrait
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