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Browser (WebKit and Chromium) versions by each Platform

We strongly recommend downloading and using the same version of Chromium that is used on the devices you are developing for. If you will run the Emulator using the correct version you will speed up your development. Also, the Native debug depends on the same Chrome/ium version as is on the device (applicable for LG webOS).

There is no option to change the built-in version of Chrome/Chromium on the majority of platforms. The way how to approach this problem is to use polyfills and compile the JS app to ES5. Many essential features like file system, video playback, and others are covered by signageOS JS API and are standardized across all platforms.

Looking for older Chrome(ium) version to test your Applet? 

OS link
Linux link
macOS link
Windows 64-bit link


Chromium version per platform

Platform Webkit/Chromium version Updatable
SSSP2 Webkit ~ Chromium 32 No
SSSP3 Webkit ~ Chromium 32 No
Tizen 2.4 Webkit ~ Chromium 38 No
Tizen 3.0 Webkit ~ Chromium 47 No
Tizen 4.0 Chromium 56 No
Tizen 5.0 Chromium 63 No
Tizen 6.5 Chromium 86 Yes, by FW upgrade in the future
Tizen 7.0 Chromium 86 Yes, by FW upgrade in the future
webOS 1 Webkit ~ Chromium 32 No
webOS 2 Webkit ~ Chromium 32 No
webOS 3 Chromium 38 No
webOS 3.2 Chromium 38 No
webOS 4.0 Chromium 53 No
webOS 4.1 Chromium 53 No
webOS 6.0 Chromium 79 Yes, by FW upgrade in the future
Android 4.4 Webkit ~ Chromium 30/33/53 No

Android 5

Chromium 37, upgradable to 95 Yes

Android 5.1

Chromium 39, upgradable to 95 Yes

Android 6

Chromium 44, upgradable to 106 Yes

Android 7

Chromium 51, upgradable to 119 Yes

Android 7.1

Chromium 52, upgradable to 119 Yes

Android 8

Chromium 58 Yes

Android 8.1

Chromium 61 Yes

Android 9

Chromium 66 Yes

Android 10

Chromium 74 Yes

Android 11

Chromium 83 Yes

Android 12

Chromium 91 Yes

Android 12L

Chromium 95 Yes
Philips D-line Webkit ~ Chromium 33 No
Philips P-line Chromium 46, upgradable to 62 Yes
BrightSign FW 7.x Chromium 45 Yes by FW
BrightSign FW 8.0.x Chromium 65 Yes by FW
BrightSign FW 8.4.x, 8.3.x, 8.2.x, 8.1.x Chromium 69 Yes by FW
BrightSign FW 8.5.x, 9.0x Chromium 87 Yes by FW
Sharp Webkit ~ Chromium 33 No
Panasonic AF1 Webkit ~ Chromium 33 No
BenQ SL-line Webkit ~ Chromium 33 No
NEC Technoware Chromium 46, upgradable to 62 Yes
Raspberry Pi 3 / NEC Compute Module 3 Webkit 78 (2.29.3) No
Raspberry Pi 4 / NEC Compute Module 4 Chromium 91 Yes

Android-specific behavior

signageOS Core App attempts to automatically install WebView v85 during the initial provisioning. You can update to other/later versions via the Package upgrade function. 

Browser, WebView, HTML resolution

Most devices only support HTML5 only in the FullHD resolution due to HW performance limitations. This is because UHD browser rendering requires high computation.

Devices that are supporting UHD+ resolution for HTML5 are:

  • Windows 10/11 devices with Intel i5 and above (or similar AMD CPU)
  • Linux Fedora or Ubuntu

This limitation applies to any SoC device, despite the fact they might feature a UHD display.

While HTML5 canvas is always FullHD, you can still play UHD videos using JS API that leverages an accelerated native video player and allows you to play the content outside of HTML5.


References to specific documentation:

BrightSign docs:




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