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Philips Supported Devices

  Looking for Provisioning and Deployment guides for Philips?

Step by step guide for device provisioning
Platform version Model line up Recommended FW
Android 4.4 BDLT
Android 4.4 BDL4050D FB11.04
Android 5 BDL3050Q FB07.01
Android 5.1 BDL505P
Android 7.1 BDL4151T FB02.07
Android 7.1 24BDL4151T FB04.04
Android 7.1 BDL4051D FB04.04
Android 7.1 BDL4150D FB05.01
Android 8.0 BDL4550D FB02.09
Android 8.0 BDL3550Q FB01.15
Android 11 BDL4650D Available once launched on market. 24Q1
BDL3650Q Latest possible
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