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Samsung Tizen Kiosk Provisioning



Before device deployment check the compatible device FIRMWARE as it is very important to always use a tested FW. The FW for each device is documented on the Supported devices page. In case the device is not on the list, contact our support.

To check your FW version, use IR Remote control and navigate to Menu -> Support -> Contact Samsung. Check the line Software version and compare the value with our table of supported firmwares for your model.


Samsung Tizen Kiosk Deployment

1. Turn on display, go through basic settings (clocks, WiFi settings, etc.), and switch source to HDMI or PC

2. Check your FW version

  • Navigate to Menu -> Support -> Contact Samsung.
  • Check the line Software version and compare the value with our table of supported firmwares for your model.

3. Press Home and select App Management


4. Select the "Install from Web server" option


5. Select the "Enter URL Manually" option


6. Enter the PIN (default is 0000)


7. Fill in the following URLs

Field Value
Install URL https://2.signageos.io/app/tizen/2.5.3/kiosk/signageoskiosk.zip
Update Domain https://2.signageos.io


Once done, press [INSTALL].

At this point, display connects to the Internet and download signageOS Core App for Tizen Kiosk. Then it reboots itself and starts the signageOS Core App.


TIP: If you need to access the device menu, press and hold your finger in the bottom left corner of the screen for ~4 seconds. After that, you will be asked to enter the PIN to exit into the device menu.

USB Installation notes: Make sure that your USB drive contains a folder named "kiosk". This folder should be in the ROOT and contains 2 files - .zip and .xml file. Should you run into any issues, you can download the .xml file separately here.

NOTE: Samsung Tizen Kiosk's ports are mapped as follows, please make sure the devices are connected correctly.




  • Unlike Raspberry Pi, Android, BrightSign, and Windows,  Samsung does not support serial over USB ports
  • The official supported baudrate for Samsung Kiosk is 9600 and 115200




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