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Elo Device Provisioning


Before device deployment check the compatible device FIRMWARE as it is very important to have tested FW. The FW for each device is documented on the Supported devices page. In case the device is not on the list, contact our support.
In case our current release version does not support the latest model line or latest features, please use the Release Candidate apps listed in our Knowledge base article about Core Apps Release Policy. Please share the feedback of using the RC Apps as much as possible.
Attention Required: Android, in general, does not support application downgrade. Once you update to a higher version of the Core App, there is no other way to then reinstall on the device.

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You’ll need a FAT32 formatted micro SD card with the signageOS Core App APK file. You can download the latest APK for ELO here.

Disable EloView

You may skip this step if the display is already in Android Home mode.
  1. While in EloView, simultaneously press the HOME and STANDBY buttons on the back of the display. You’ll be asked for a password.
  2. Enter the default password 1elo and confirm by pressing OK.
  3. Tap 5 times in the window until the ANDROID HOME button appears.
  4. Press ANDROID HOME, then YES in the dialog. The display will reboot to the Android launcher.

Install signageOS Core App from SD card

  1. Insert your SD card into the slot at the back of the display.elo_sd_card.png

  2. Open the Files file manager from the Android launcher.
  3. Select the SD card on the left, then select the APK on the right.
  4. Press CONTINUE in the dialog to allow installing apps from unknown sources.
  5. Press INSTALL to install the signageOS Core App.
  6. Once the installation finishes, press OPEN. You’ll be asked to install the Device Management Platform app.

Install Device Management Platform

  1. Allow signageOS Core App to install other apps. Press SETTINGS in the dialog, then toggle the Allow from this source switch. Press BACK to leave settings.elo_allow_unknown_dialog.pngelo_allow_unknown_settings.png
  2. Press INSTALL to install the Device Management Platform app.
  3. signageOS Core App should resume automatically.

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