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Panasonic Device Provisioning



Before device deployment check the compatible device FIRMWARE as it is very important to have tested FW. The FW for each device is documented on the Supported devices page. In case the device is not on the list, contact our support.

Attention Required: Android, in general, does not support application downgrade. Once you update to a higher version of the Core App, there is no other way to then reinstall on the device.

Attention Required: In order to prevent Android from displaying Android homepage and thus not showing your content, you must Enable Kiosk Mode (or Lock Remote Control) either through Box device settings or through API.

Always set the Remote Control Lock to enable via REST API or in Box on the device detail's Settings tab.

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Below are steps to take in order to get your application running:

  1. Make sure you are running on supported firmware
  2. Go to Launcherpana-sicp-1.png
  3. Choose LAN Control option
  4. Turn Command Control Onpana-sicp-2.png
  5. After turning the device on choose Installer
  6. Insert USB drive with application
  7. Choose application
  8. Enable Installation from unknown sources
  9. Proceed with installation
  10. Add device with hash through the Box

Download our android application

Try signageOS for Panasonic running on Android here: https://a.signageos.io/panasonic

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