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Philips Device Provisioning


setup_sos_env_01.pngBefore device deployment check the compatible device FIRMWARE as it is very important to have tested FW. The FW for each device is documented on the Supported devices page. In case the device is not on the list, contact our support. In case of troubleshooting, pressing Info + 77 on remote control will bring up detailed system information. This information can be used to check for FW or in case support is necessary.

Attention Required: Android, in general, does not support application downgrade. Once you update to a higher version of the Core App, there is no other way to then reinstall on the device.

To exit from SignageOS app to Android launcher you need to press red button on the IR remote control and under settings choose the launcher which you need.

Looking For Supported Philips Displays And Firmwares?

Installation Guide

In order to install signageOS App on Philips, please follow these steps:
  1. Turn on the display

  2. Download signageOS latest Android app to USB flash drive, the latest app is at https://a.signageos.io/

  3. Insert flash drive with our app into Philips’ USB port, make sure to use the correct USB port, otherwise there might be permission issues

  4. Press HOME and 1888 on the remote control

  5. Select Appsphillips_provisioning_1.jpg

  6. Select File Managerphillips_provisioning_2.jpg
  7. Navigate to /mnt/usb/phillips_provisioning_3.jpg

  8. Select signageOS App

  9. Select Install


  10. Go back to HOME

  11. Select Settings


For 10" Touch 10BDL
  • Go to Apps section
  • Select Signage Apps
  • Check signageOS App and primary Signage App
  • Restart the display

To access Android setting press MENU and VOLUME DOWN simultaneously to bring up the options


For any other Philips display
  • Go to Signage Display section and Boot section
  • Select Custom App
  • Check signageOS App is set as custom app, if not, select it
  • Restart the display
Note for Philips 10BDL415T
  • During initial startup of the device you will be prompted with option of features to enable
  • Make sure that SICP option is enabled (under Security Setting)
  • Proceed with provisioning like any other Philips device


Mandatory SICP settings

To make sure your Philips display will support all device management features, you have to enable SICP over LAN settings.

Android 4.4-6.0:

  • Go to Settings > Signage Display > SICP Network Port.

Android 7.x:

  • Go to Settings > Signage Display > Network application > SICP network port.

Make sure that Main Switch is set to Enabled and SICP Network Port reads 5000 (Connected). Adjust both settings accordingly.

SICP settings during initial setup

SICP settings on Android 4.4-6.0 in Settings menu

SICP settings on Android 7.0 in Settings menu

Attention Required: In order to prevent Android from displaying Android homepage and thus not showing your content, you must Enable Kiosk Mode (or Lock Remote Control) either through Box device settings or through API.

Always set the Remote Control Lock to enable via REST API or in Box on the device detail's Settings tab.

Once display started with signageOS App you will see short Verification code in the middle of the screen.

To deliver the best performance we highly recommend to remotely update Android webview. The preinstalled version is 39 which is a very old one. The package name for latest tested webview is v.62.0.3202.66 320206600 (00 = ARM architecture) and can be updated from Box.


My USB flash storage device is not detected

Some devices have dedicated USB ports for storage devices, if your storage device does not show up as described in the provisioning steps use a different USB socket and your flash drive should be detected

Flipped orientation doesn't work

Unfortunately, due to hardware limitations 3550Q and 4550D models can only do portrait and landscape

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