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signageOS Platform Architecture and Components


signageOS provides a unique platform combining 3 main areas:

  1. Universal Device Management - MDM solution
  2. Device Onboarding and Maintenance
  3. Player/Application Development SDK


MDM Device Management

signageOS provides a robust set of features focused on unmanned device management at scale. All functionality is available via APIs and MDM web application called Box.

All functionality is unified across all devices making the management a breeze.

Device / Hardware Onboarding and Maintenance

signageOS integrates with hundreds of devices directly to ensure the universal MDM and Development SDK are available.

signageOS maintains the integration for a device's life cycle and provides long-term support.

Application & Player Development SDK

With signageOS you can build a universal application using HTML5/Javascript which can be run on all supported devices. Building a single code-base version of your HTML5 application - called Applet in signageOS - saves tremendous time and resources. 

SDK allows you to use Javascript APIs to tap into the device's native functionality like File system, accelerated video playback, serial port communication, and more.




Component Description
REST API A core service for all remote devices, Applet, and organization management and monitoring. Through REST API endpoints, any aspect of a connected device can be managed.
JS SDK (Front-Applet library) Allows use of the same functions for video playback, file management, etc. on each device. The core of the unification platform, the Applet JS SDK is the only "foreign" code written within your HTML5 application.
signageOS CLI signageOS CLI is a developer tool for building your Applet, debugging, and publishing to signageOS
signageOS Box The management console for device management and monitoring. Access the Box at https://box.signageos.io and manage all of your connected devices in a unified way.
Applet (HTML5 application) The "Applet"(the only component required to be built by the user or CMS to use signageOS) is the application that runs the content on the display. The unique and independent content is managed inside the Applet. Typically, a “thick client”, the Applet is written in HTML, CSS, and JS. The Applet functions by using the signageOS Applet JS SDK to access all signageOS features.
signageOS Core Apps The Core App is a device-specific native client that manages the device itself, leverages monitoring, and controls the device's functions like brightness, timers, temperature, etc. The Core App allows deployment of the Applet on the device and provides native implementations for unified JS SDK.
signageOS Cloud A fundamental aspect of the signageOS service that contains all of the device connections, message deliverances, data storing and monitoring, and communications with the entire system.
signageOS Support signageOS Support Team helps partners to quickly onboard various hardware, resolve issues and mitigate incidents.
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