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ProDVX Provisioning


What will be needed to install signageOS :

  • You'll need a FAT32 formatted USB stick with the signageOS Core App APK file. You can download the latest Core App APK for ProDVX player here.

Install signageOS Core App from USB stick

  1. Insert your USB stick to the bottom USB port on the player. The rest of this guide assumes the USB stick is inserted in this port.

  2. Open the app launcher, then open the ApkInstaller app.

  3. Press the big blue Install button.

  4. On the left side, navigate to USB Memory, USB_DISK2, udisk0.

  5. Select the APK file with signageOS.

  6. App will ask you for approval to install applications from unknown sources

  7. Once the installation finishes, press the OPEN button.

Finishing the installation

  1. Reboot the player.
  2. SignageOS Core App should start automatically after the reboot.

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