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Applet Native Device Debug

The debugging is crucial and we know it. To make it as smooth as possible within large amount of very different devices we developed remote Applet debug over Weinre. You may also use Native debugs where possible. 

Comparison table of debug options:

Debug type Notes
Remote Weinre Debug Weinre (described below) is maily used for debugging on devices that are outside of your local network (installed at the client premises). It uses real-time websocket communication to bring you DOM and console logs
Native Debug Native Debug is specific for each platform and can be used for debugging and troubleshooting with devices on local network. It's more precise, faster and more reliable.

Introduction to Native Debug

Native debug settings behavior differs in every device OS brand (SSSP, Tizen, WebOS1,2+, Android etc.). Here are mentioned a little differences however for more info you can look at official documentation of display manufacturer.

The Native Debug has to be activated first. It can be done via REST API or Box. Once activated, follow the plaform-specific steps below.

If you are not allowed to open native debug URL in the latest Chrome, launch the Chrome with the following command/flag chromium-browser --enable-blink-features=ShadowDOMV0,CustomElementsV0

Platform How to turn it on & Notes
Tizen Native debug is supported via Tizen studio in the latest displays
WebOS Native debug is available via Chrome(ium) Inspector.
Android Native debug is started immediately after debug set (without reboot). When app is restarted you must set debug again to make it works. Device must be connected to you PC using USB cable. For debug open Chrome browser & type chrome://inspect. Then you can see connected device. Let’s open inspector (step by step tutorial is below).
RaspberryPi Native debug will be enabled after reboot via chrome://inspect page where you set device IP address in connection config. More details on RaspberryPi and Linux native debugging can be found in Native Debug Applet for Linux and RaspberryPi section.
BrightSign Native debug is available via Chrome(ium) Inspector.
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