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IPTV/Video Streaming

With signageOS SMIL Player you can play video streams with various formats if those are supported by the device you are using.

Basic usage

For signageOS SMIL Player to correctly recognize streams, it is necessary to include isStream="true" in video tag.

It is possible to specify the duration of the stream in the same way as any other media in SMIL by specifying dur attribute.

If no dur attribute is specified, the stream will play indefinitely. 

Supported formats:

  • UDP (mpeg2-ts)
  • RTP
  • RTSP
  • HLS
  • HTTP
<video src="udp://{ip}/{endpoint}" isStream="true" />
<video src="rtp://{ip}/{endpoint}" isStream="true" />
<video src="rtsp://{ip}/{endpoint}" isStream="true" />
<video src="hls://{ip}/{endpoint}" isStream="true" />
<video src="http://{ip}/{endpoint}" isStream="true" dur="10" />
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