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Remote Firmware Upgrade

signageOS supports remote firmware upgrade for all major platforms, including Samsung Tizen, LG webOS, BrightSign, and Android-based devices like Philips BDL.

The remote firmware upgrade can be performed via Box Device Management or programmatically via REST API.

Firmware upgrade in Box

  1. Log in to the Box
  2. Navigate to the device detail page
  3. Select Settings tab
  4. Find the Firmware you want to install and confirm the selection

The Firmware will be downloaded and installed on the device. This process might take several minutes up to an hour and will reboot the device at least once. 


Firmware upgrade via REST API

  1. Get your REST API token
  2. Get the Firmware version from our repository based on your device exact model name
  3. Use REST API endpoint with the firmware version in the body request

curl --location -g --request PUT 'https://api.signageos.io/v1/device/{{deviceUid}}/firmware' \
--header 'x-auth: {{x-auth}}' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "version": "x86_64"

Do you need to upgrade the firmware manually? Check this guide.

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