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signageOS Cloud Control for Android


signageOS Cloud Control for Android is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution designed specifically for Android devices deployed as digital signage, kiosks, and POS.

signageOS Cloud Control is the best solution If you need to:

  • remotely manage your Android fleet at scale
  • remotely install and update 3rd party Android apps
  • see device screenshots
  • deploy HTML5 content
  • manage when the device should be on and off
  • perform a variety of remote actions like reboots and updates 

How it works

signageOS Cloud Control app is an Android background agent which can be deployed to any digital signage player, SoC display, or even to consumer phones and tablets.

Getting started:

  1. Install signageOS Cloud Control app onto a supported device
  2. Once done, register the device in the cloud management portal or via REST API
  3. Deploy your 3rd party Android app, manage and monitor the device

Device management

Once you enroll your devices, you can tap into extensive device management and monitoring.

For device management, you can use the device management cloud console - Box - or access any feature through REST API.

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