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Alert Rules


Alert Rules help you define under which conditions you will be alerted on a variety of events happening with your devices. The most obvious Alert Rule is "Alert me if any of my devices is offline for more than 15 minutes", but Alert Rules are designed for even more complex situations and networks.


The active alert rules show currently enabled notification alerts. Users can access each alert rule set up menu by simply clicking its name.mceclip0.png


Alert can be snoozed by clicking mceclip0.png under Active Alerts tab and restored by clicking  mceclip2.png under Paused Alerts tab.



Once you archive an Alert Rule it stays archived as a historical record of the device.

How to add or edit the alert rule?

Press "+ Add Alert Rule" or click the alert rule name on the active alert rules tab to open the detailed menu allowing customizing the alert rule to the user's needs. 


Types of Alert Rules


There are three main types of Alert Rules defining events that can be used for triggering an alert:

Device Alerts

Triggered based on device status, e.g. Online/Offline, Incorrect Time, Storage, and more

Policy Alerts

Triggered based on violation of defined Device Policy

Applet Alerts 

(Coming Soon)

Setting up Alert Rules



The user defines under what circumstances the alert is supposed to be triggered. There are the following conditions to be chosen from  : 

  • Incorrect time on the device
  • The device is offline for more than the time determined in the alert rule
  • PIN code is set up on the device
  • Battery capacity is lower than the determined in the alert rule
  • Extended management inability
  • Volume level 
  • Brightness level
  • Remote control lock information
  • Application version 
  • The temperature of the device
  • Has package
  • Debug enabled information 


All of the conditions can be combined and set up according to the user's needs.

The threshold for affected devices

Alert Rule can be triggered based on a defined threshold, avoiding false-positive false-negative alerts. You can define if you want to be notified about:

  • Any occurrence
    • Alert Rule is triggered immediately as a single device matches the Rule condition
  • % of devices
    • Alert Rule is triggered if X number of devices matches the Rule condition, where X is defined as % of all devices in the selected Organization 


Periodicity of an alert

Defines how often is the Alert Rule checked. Users can define the time slot when the alert is active. 



Alert Rule can be set Company-wide or only for a selected Organization. Moreover, you can limit the Rule to only selected platforms (e.g.: Tizen, webOS, Android,...)



Once the Alert Rule is triggered, you can be notified in several ways:

  • Disabled
    • No notifications will be sent
  • Me
    • Notification will be delivered only to your Alert section
  • Users in organization
    • All users in the Organization from where the Device triggered the Rule will get a notification in the Alert section
  • Email
    • An email notification is sent to a defined email address
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