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Device Power Actions

With signageOS, you can remotely execute commands for the display. These actions are referred to as Power Actions. Power Actions allow users to trigger essential commands on devices remotely.

Device actions

Users can trigger the following device/hardware-related actions:

    • Application Restart - close and reopen signageOS application
    • Device Reboot - performs the power cycle of the device system
    • Backup Reboot (failsafe) - performs the power cycle of the device's system in case the main communication with the device is unavailable using a separate communication channel. This power action may take up to 20 minutes.
    • Display On - turns on the device's screen
    • Display Off - turns off the device's screen (on some Androids turns off the webview as well)

On external media players (BrightSign, Giada, Windows, RPi,...) the Display On/Off Power Action only enables/disables the video output.

On Android devices, Display Off also shuts down the webview and the Applet. It's the default Android behavior that cannot be changed.

Content actions

Users can also trigger the following Applet-related actions:

    • Applet Refresh - refreshes the currently running Applet (similar to pressing F5 in the browser window),  reset all native video players, and managed browser windows
    • Applet Reload - reload the Applet by deleting all Applet code and data from the device, re-downloading them from Cloud, and restarting the Applet
    • Applet Enable - turns on the Applet currently assigned to the device
    • Applet Disable - turns off the Applet currently assigned to the device (shows the status page with device name and device information)
    • File System Wipeout* - deleting all data downloaded by the Applet, deleting all files and folders saved by File System API, deleting files downloaded by File Cache API, and deleting the Applet code. Once done, the device is reinitiated based on settings in Cloud

*available from Core App versions listed below:

LG WebOS 2.4.0
Tizen 2.4.0
BrightSign 1.7.0
RaspberryPi 2.0.0
Android 3.17.0
Windows 3.0.0
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