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Timers for device management

  • Schedule device ON/OFF time with native or proprietary timers
  • Effectively puts SoC devices into standby mode in defined time in a day and days in a week
  • Saving power and prolonging display lifetime

SignageOS Solution offers two kinds of Timers each with different purpose to fit most of user's use cases and with different functionality in options, all Timers can be set but also offer two states - Active/Inactive, as such you can achieve higher levels of complexity in your Timers schedules

You can access and set/delete/update timers either via two ways:

  1.  Navigating to your device's detail in Box and navigating to Settings Tab
  2.  All Timers and their functionality have available endpoints in our REST API, which you can find HERE

Native Timers

The first kind of Timers is Native Timer - with Native Timers you can schedule a repeated date and specified time when to completely turn the DEVICE OFF (Samsung and LG) and for other platforms puts the device into Stand by mode.

In addition, you can specify at which days of the week at times to repeat this setting. 



Proprietary Timers

Secondary kind of timer is Proprietary timer, by using this settings you can turn the screen off without turning off the system. This option is available to help you prevent screen display burn-in and prolong the longevity of your device.


When the Proprietary Timer is dispatched and active on your device, given that devices are in remote location, to indicate that such Timer is active, content in screenshots is replaced by "Content is muted because display is in POWER OFF state by timer settings" text.

screenshot detail


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